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Diversity and Inclusion Initiative

Diversity and Inclusion - RMWBH Law

At Roberts Markel Weinberg Butler Hailey PC, we are committed to maintaining an environment that is inclusive of diverse interests and backgrounds. Diversity and inclusion are important to our success and enhances our ability to serve our clients and the community. Recruiting talented individuals from diverse backgrounds is a firm priority and we proudly take on the responsibility and challenge to promote diversity. Diversity includes: race, ethnicity, gender, national origin, sexual orientation, age, religion, gender identity, physical ability, diverse interests, varying perspectives, and diverse backgrounds. We know that a diverse environment that promotes equality allows us to retain top talent that can better serve our clients’ needs.

Scope of Initiative

Diversity and Inclusion - RMWBH Law

Our diversity and inclusion initiative focuses on recruiting, marketing, client relations, and community outreach. In maintaining a focus on these areas, we can ensure long-term success in better understanding the needs of our community and clients.

Diversity and Inclusion - RMWBH Law

We are actively involved in diversity organizations, including these and many more:

  • Women in the Law
  • State Bar of Texas Minority Counsel Program
  • Houston Bar Association Ambassadors
  • Epilepsy Foundation

Attorney Spotlight

“Beyond race and gender, diversity is all the ways in which we are similar and all the ways in which we are different.” —Thomas Roosevelt

Mia Lorick - RMWBH Law

“I always thought that having a background in modern dance and musical theatre would put me at a disadvantage when pursuing a legal career because I did not come from a traditional background. I am thankful for a firm like Roberts Markel Weinberg Butler Hailey PC that allows me to channel my love of the stage and advocate for clients in the courtroom. I truly believe that my diverse background gives me a creative perspective.”

- Mia B. Lorick, Director of Diversity and Inclusion Initiative

Rahila Sultanali - RMWBH Law

“Working alongside attorneys that practice in diverse areas of the law really brings to life the notion that diversity is strength. As a real estate attorney working at Roberts Markel Weinberg Butler Hailey PC, it serves as a great advantage to be able to consult with my colleagues when my clients have issues involving probate, employment, litigation or other practice areas. Working with clients ranging from developers of master-planned communities to individuals purchasing a single tract of land has expanded my outlook and diversified my skill set.”

- Rahila N. Sultanali, Shareholder

Rick Anderson - RMWBH Law

“As lawyers we steward our clients through the storm to advance their pursuit of happiness. By our clients’ side, we guide them through the path where every step requires passion, prudence, and perseverance. At Roberts Markel Weinberg Butler Hailey PC, we understand that our strength is borne from our diversity and it enhances our ability to do excellent work and do it well.”

- Rick V. Anderson, Shareholder

Clayton Hearn - RMWBH Law

“When I joined the firm back in 1999 it was smaller and much less diverse than it is today. While many firms tout their growth in size, I am proud of our growth in diversity over the past 17 years. I am proud to serve on the firm's diversity committee and look forward to helping the firm recruit and retain talent from various backgrounds.”

- Clayton Hearn, Head of the Labor and Employment Section

Sipra Boyd - RMWBH Law

“As a part of our community association law practice, I believe diversity is key in understanding and dealing with community associations and the people who support them. Practicing alongside attorneys with diverse backgrounds provides insight into the continually changing landscape of community association living. As the largest law firm in Texas representing community associations, being committed to diversity is essential for the effective advocacy of our clients. Being an emigrant from India who settled in Houston in the 1979, I feel confident that my cultural and socioeconomic background offers a unique perspective which assists in representing our clients in many valuable ways.”

- Sipra S. Boyd, Shareholder

Casson Wen - RMWBH Law

“Our firm is committed to diversity and we acknowledge the vital role it plays in allowing us to effectively represent our diverse client base. By focusing on diversity as to race, gender, and other factors, we create opportunities for our legal professionals to better understand people. In addition, by focusing on expanding and diversifying our areas of practice, we create opportunities for our legal professionals to grow in their understanding of the law. What sets us apart is our ability to leverage this valuable information and unique perspective to truly understand our clients and their legal needs.”

- Casson Wen, Associate Attorney

Frank Carroll - RMWBH Law

“I do not come from a long line of attorneys. In fact, I started my career as a construction worker. I thought my lack of ‘legal pedigree’ would be a detriment in a law firm environment, but I found the opposite to be true at RMWBH. The management is committed to recruiting and hiring people from all walks of life, from all backgrounds, and with varied experiences. This commitment not only manifests itself in the people who work for our firm, but in the results we obtain for our clients as a result of the depth of thought brought about through diverse viewpoints.”

- Frank Carroll, Head of Recruiting and New Attorney Development