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Appellate attorneys at our firm strive to thoroughly understand the facts and legal issues of the underlying litigation first in order to maximize chances for success later on appeal.

Our Appellate section provides quality appellate representation for prosecuting and defending state and federal appellate matters in a number of practice areas. Jeffrey Roberts, Frank Carroll and Mia Lorick have extensive experience in handling appeals in Texas state and federal courts of appeal. Because appellate issues and implications arise at the trial court level, to prevent waiver of appellate issues, our appellate team often advises trial attorneys on matters related to dispositive motion practice and trials to preserve appellate error.Our appellate attorneys are experienced at handling every phase of the appellate process to achieve the client's ultimate appellate goal.Our appellate services include:

  • Appeals of decisions from state and federal trial courts to the appropriate courts of appeals and courts of last resort
  • Mandamus proceedings
  • Interlocutory appeals
  • Hourly, contingency or mixed-fee arrangement

Whether your case requires affirmation of the trial court's decision, reversal or remand, or a combination of these outcomes, our appellate team can efficiently handle it.